Dear Reader…

I recently stumbled upon a quote from Orson Scott Card, one of the greatest science fiction authors of our time.  He said this in reference to his best-known work:

The story of Ender’s Game is not this book […].  The story is the one that you and I will construct together in your memory.  If the story means anything to you at all, then when you remember it afterward, think of it, not as something I created, but rather as something that we made together.

I’ve always found reading to be a deep, personal experience.  Even with books that are famous, that millions of people have read, the version of the story that played out in my mind is unique.  Even when books turn into movies, I still have my own, personal Frodo Baggins, Arthur Dent, or Ender Wiggin living inside my head.

As a writer, I share Orson Scott Card’s belief.  Storytelling is not something I do alone.  It’s something you and I do together.  So to anyone who’s already read a Tomorrow News Network story and to anyone who ever will, thank you for sharing this experience with me.

6 thoughts on “Dear Reader…

      • I agree, and I definitely believe it. It’s not like a movie where everybody sees the same thing. It’s something that we have imagine along with readin and everyone’s imagination is different, that’s why when a book gets made to movie many fans aren’t happy because a character doesn’t look the way they imagined or other similar reasons.

  1. Card’s a great writer, and Ender’s Game was (and still is) one of my favourite books. Having said that, I had to stop reading his work because I just can’t put aside his rampant homophobia, his denial of the science of climate change (, and his position that evolutionary biologists are just screaming bigots out to suppress those hard-done-by ID proponents (, which – as an evolutionary biologist myself – is a claim that I take a rather dim view of. He’s a great writer, but I don’t think he’s a particularly great person.

    That aside, I’m enjoying your TNN series, and I look forward to reading more of your writing. 🙂

    • I was not aware of Mr. Card’s other beliefs. To be honest, I’m disappointed. But at least when it comes to writing, he knows what he’s talking about.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying Tomorrow News Network, and keep up the good work of evolutionary biology!

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