Sapiosaurus: the Lizard Who Thinks

Among all the planets in the universe, only a tiny fraction can support life.  Even fewer will develop intelligent life.  What a rare and lucky planet Earth must be to have done so twice.

Many of you have no doubt heard of Velociraptor and its great intelligence.  Paleontologists have discovered a species even more intelligent: the Troodon (pronounced TRUE-o-don).  Yet there are still many kinds of dinosaurs modern science doesn’t know.

In “Dinosaurs vs. Astronauts,” we meet one of these undiscovered species, a species smarter than Velociraptor or Troodon or any other creature of its era: the Sapiosaurus.  Sapiosaurs had intelligence equal to humans.  They no longer relied on instinct but cunning.  They no longer hunted in packs but lived as a tribe.  If they’d had the chance, they could have developed art and culture, politics, religion, and science, just as Homo sapiens have done.

When the dinosaurs went extinct, a few Sapiosaurs survived, rescued by mysterious machines in the sky.  And there is one big difference between the Sapiosaurs and the humans of today: after 65 million years, the Sapiosaurs are very hungry.  Click here to start reading “Dinosaurs vs. Astronauts.”

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