Cyborgs: Coming to a Planet Near You

Cyborgs play an important role in the Tomorrow News Network series.  Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re intimidating… in the most recent edition of TNN, they get a little sexy.  But how close are cyborgs to becoming a reality?  Well… closer than you might think.

Mr. Cognis is works for the Tomorrow News Network as a cameraman. A literal cameraman.

Researchers at Harvard say they’ve developed a new cybernetic tissue that combines organic and electronic materials.  According to reports, the combination is so good it’s difficult to tell where the technology ends and the biology begins.  The advantage is that this cybernetic tissue can help monitor medical tests.  The disadvantage is, of course, the potential downfall of humanity.  For more information, click here.

If you aren’t comfortable having cybernetic tissue implanted in your heart or lungs–even for medical purposes–how about a cybernetic tattoo?  Lots of people are already comfortable getting tattoos, so having a tattoo that serves a practical purpose makes sense.  Nokia recently patented a magnetic material which tattoo artists can embed in your skin.  When you get a call, your skin vibrates.  Cool, huh?  Or creepy.  Depends on how you look at it.  For more on that, click here.

We tend to think of cyborgs as something from science fiction, but people today already have mechanical parts added to their bodies: prosthetic limbs, pace makers, artificial hearts…  We got used to that.  In time, we’ll probably get used to cybernetic tissue and cyborg tattoos.  We’ll even think it’s normal.  And then it will be too late!

To read more about the cyborgs of Tomorrow News Network, check out the short stories “The Opera of Machines” and “Mr. Cognis Goes on Vacation.”  You can also check out Mr. Cognis’s profile in the Meet the News Team section.  A profile for his cyborg co-worker/girlfriend, Ms. Macnera, is coming soon.

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