Star Wars Action Figure Christmas Tree

Let’s face it: Christmas is and always has been about toys.  Even today, now that I don’t play with toys, the best Christmases I remember still involved toys.  Specifically Star Wars toys.  In fact, my best, most favorite-est Christmas was the year I came running down the stairs and saw an Imperial AT-AT Walker–unwrapped and fully assembled–standing over all my other presents like a guard dog.

Star Wars Tree 1 Wide Shot

Sadly, I grew up, and toys don’t hold my interest like they used to.  But this year, my Christmas tree commemorates what is still, in my opinion, the true meaning of Christmas: Star Wars toys.  I’ve turned my old action figures into ornaments.

Please note, I did not damage or deface the figures in any way.  I’d never commit such sacrilege.  All I did was take pieces of black string, tie them into loops, and slip them around the figures’ arms.  For the probe droid, it went around its “neck,” for the B’omarr Monk around its “abdomen.”  Tying over one hundred loops of string may sound tedious, but it took roughly an hour or two to do that and hang all the figures.  Obviously I can save the string and do this again next year.

Total cost out of pocket: nothing, since I already had the tree, lights, and action figures.  The string was left over from some previous art project–I think it cost a dollar at an arts and crafts store.  Commemorating childhood Christmas memories: priceless.

So what are your favorite Christmas memories and traditions?

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