Coming January 28th

The latest edition of Tomorrow News Network comes out on Monday (January 28, 2013).  Here is a quote from Talie Tappler:

For obvious reasons, it’s hard to determine who invented time travel first.  The Acelera built time machines billions upon billions of years ago, but they got the idea from visitors from the future, and those visitors stole the technology from someone else.  Dozens of scientists have filed patents with the Intergalactic Trade Commission, each a few days before the one before, creating not only a legal paradox but a paradox in the space-time continuum.  To further complicate matters, time itself exists in constant flux, history changing and changing again without anyone noticing because our memories change with it.

So who invented time travel?  Well, the Tomorrow News Network’s top researchers found the answer…

And on Monday, we’ll find out what that answer is!  Be sure to come back and read Talie’s latest adventure: “Who Invented Time Travel?”

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