We’re Going to Mars!

Well everyone, I’m back after an unplanned, two-week hiatus, and I am once again hard at work on Tomorrow News Network short stories.  This month, we’re going to Mars, so I figured this is a good opportunity to talk about some of the latest news concerning the Red Planet.

Mars -- March 10, 1997

Source: Hubblesite.org

Several weeks ago, the Curiosity rover did something amazing: it dug a hole on Mars.  Okay, that doesn’t sound impressive, but Curiosity is searching for evidence that Mars could support life, either currently or at some point in the past.  We’ve never tested the soil beneath the surface layer.  It is possible that some form of bacteria live there, or maybe they don’t.  Either way, it’s a place we’ve never looked before.  So although digging a hole may not sound like much, it is a truly historic moment.  Click here to read more about it.  Click here to see a picture of Curiosity proudly standing over its work.

Also, a brand new non-profit organization called the Inspiration Mars Foundation has announced plans to send a married couple to Mars in 2018.  Sounds like the perfect, 501-day honeymoon to me.  Despite all the dangers (boredom, claustrophobia, radiation exposure and increased risk of cancer) it almost makes me want to run out and get married.  The Inspiration Mars crew will not get to land on the Red Planet.  They’ll just fly by, but another non-profit wants to send four colonists to Mars in 2023.  To read more about these Mars missions, click here.

The upcoming Tomorrow News Network story will focus on future colonial civilization on Mars and the relationship the colonists have with the Martian bacteria crawling around underground.  Of course this is not the first time the Tomorrow News Network has been to Mars.  In last year’s story “Death to History,” TNN reporter Talie Tappler covered a presidential assassination on Mars.  Some of the characters and concepts from “Death to History” will be back in the new story.

Click here to start reading “Death to History.”

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