Coming Soon: “Mother Mars”

It is the apex of Martian civilization.  The ruling Scientific Council has instituted a program to ensure the continued growth and evolution of the Martian species.  Mars has tapped an unlimited supply of geothermal energy.  The Martian space program has sent its first probe to Earth to study “alien” life.

But watching the Tomorrow News Network, the people of Mars have realized there is a problem: there are no Martians in the future.  Mars will one day become a dead planet with no oceans, no jungles, and no native people.  It’s lush greens and deep blues will be replaced by dusty, red deserts.

One Martian scientist, Dr. Snu Sajnook, has a controversial theory to explain what will happen to life on Mars.  He believes he can change the future.  He believes he can save Martian civilization… but will anyone listen to his radical ideas?

The next story in the Tomorrow News Network series, entitled “Mother Mars,” will come out on Thursday, April 25th.

P.S.: For those of you who read “Death to History,” you may be interested to know that Gina Zaphiro, the protagonist of that story, will make a guest appearance in “Mother Mars.”  If you didn’t read “Death to History,” click here.  It’s pretty awesome, especially if you hate history.

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