Preview of “Einstein’s Clone”

When Albert Einstein died, his doctors removed his brain for further study.  They’ve discovered some clues about why the man was such a genius (click here to read about that), but in the distant future the preserved portions of his brain will be put to a better use.

Some time around the year 5,000, the Earth Empire will clone Einstein.  They’ll need a man of his singular intelligence to solve one of the greatest mysteries in the known universe: how does Talie Tappler’s time machine work?

Here’s a brief preview scene from “Einstein’s Clone.”  Expect to see the full story sometime next week.

* * *

Albert sat cross-legged on the floor, still dressed in his favorite dinosaur pajamas.  He smirked, reflecting on the latest mischief he’d caused as he watched the armed guards rummaging through his things.

TAU-001 inched toward Albert, but she backed off as soon as the soldiers took note of her.  The robot fidgeted with her hands.  Her pincer-like fingers trembled, and the ticks and clicks of her internal hardware seemed to accelerate.  Her tiny scanner eyes focused on Albert, the boy she was programmed to raise and nurture; then she turned her gaze to the soldiers once again.

“Don’t worry, TAU,” Albert said.  “Father’s invested way too much money in me to risk harming me now.”

“Affirmative, Master Albert,” TAU said, a hint of uncertainty in her synthesized voice.  If Albert hadn’t known better, he might have thought the robot was nervous.

One of the soldiers dumped Albert’s toys on the floor and began sorting through action figures and miniature spaceships.  Another ransacked Albert’s bed, tossing aside sheets and pillows and slicing open the mattress with a sonic knife.  Other soldiers checked the bathroom, searched the closet, and tried to make sense of the clutter on Albert’s desk.

“Well?” the guard corporal said.

One of his men glanced up and shook his head no.

“Alright, kid,” the corporal said, pulling a blaster pistol and aiming it at Albert.  “I’m done fooling around.  Where is your math homework?”

“What math homework?” Albert asked.

“Robot!” the corporal shouted.  “Did you deliver a datapad to this room last night?  A datapad with a series of chronometric equations?”

“Affirmative,” TAU answered, her voice positively panicked.

Albert blinked innocently.  “I guess I lost it.”

The guard corporal scowled, the leathery skin of his face contorting in frustrated hate.  He lowered his weapon and put it away.  Then he snapped his fingers, and two soldiers grabbed Albert, hauling him to his feet.

Albert smirked as they dragged him into the hallway.  He hadn’t expected Father’s guards to have such a violent reaction to a missing homework assignment, but human behavior depended upon so many hidden variables.  It made people hard to predict, which was a major reason why Albert preferred the company of robots.  Still, everything the soldiers said and did helped confirm Albert’s latest theory: his math homework was not math homework at all.

Albert winked at TAU before the door slid shut.

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