Science in the Chronoverse: Chronotheory

In the last few posts, we’ve seen the step-by-step progression of science in the Tomorrow News Network universe (a.k.a. the chronoverse). And at each step along the way, we’ve gotten a little closer to the true nature of time, ultimately leading to the discovery that yes, time travel is possible.

Of course we can travel through time. Time is an illusion of our own creation meant to confuse the lesser species.

-Anonymous quote.

In primitive science, time was believed to be absolute, unchanging, and unchangeable. Thanks to general relativity, we know that time can be accelerated, and with hyperspace theory, we’ve learned that time can be reversed (certain restrictions apply).

But to really understand how time works, we must delve into the forbidden science of chronotheory.

The Structure of Time

The chronoverse is composed of filaments called temporal strings. If you like, you could think of these temporal strings as individual atoms or particles stretched out in four-dimensional space (i.e.: the dimension of time).

Temporal strings are known to weave together, sometimes getting tangled into knots. They’re also known to fray apart. The mesh-like structure these strings produce is, quite literally, the tapestry of history.

Technically I could lose my job for meddling with history. But it’s not meddling if I’m trying to fix the timeline.

-Talie Tappler.

But as any good chronotheorist will tell you, temporal strings do not sit still. They sway back and forth. They vibrate, sometimes by only a little bit, sometimes by a lot, with the resulting oscillations propagating forward and backward through time.

The Temporal Uncertainty Principle

The past is constantly changing due to the natural vibrations of temporal strings. This has been known to drive some chronotheorists insane when they realize that as the past changes, so too do their memories of it.

However, certain events in space-time are less susceptible to change than others. A historical event’s stability can be quantified as its chronological resistance, measured in temporal ohms.

Observation is key. The more a historical event is observed, the higher the chronological resistance becomes. By analogy with the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics, which also depends on observation, this has come to be known as the temporal uncertainty principle.

The Tomorrow News Network

By an edict of the Galactic Inquisitor, chronotheoretical research is severely restricted. Nobody wants rogue time travelers running around meddling with history. This has led chronotheory to be known as the forbidden science.

However, the court of the Galactic Inquisitor recognizes that there is a need to reduce the amount of temporal uncertainty in the universe. Therefore, time travel is permitted for the purposes of observation only.

The most noteworthy time traveling organization is the Tomorrow News Network. T.N.N. employees not only go back in time to observe historical events; they broadcast historical observations in the guise of news reports, which are seen by billions upon billions of viewers throughout the galaxy.

Time travel is an inherently illogical activity—this use of it even more so.

-Mr. Cognis.

Although few outsiders realize or appreciate this, the Tomorrow News Network does more to protect and stabilize the space-time continuum than any other person or organization in the known universe.

Of course, protecting the universe means the Tomorrow News Network has made a few enemies. For now, those enemies shall remain unnamed. Trust me. Everybody’s safer that way.

You’d be surprised how small and simple-looking a functional time machine can be.

You’d be surprised how small and simple-looking a functional time machine can be.

3 thoughts on “Science in the Chronoverse: Chronotheory

  1. Super interesting concept. Wouldn’t this mean that the TNN is, in a way, erasing certain groups of people from history who would only exist if an event played out one way, but the TNN grounds the event to happen another way? Does this mean there are possibly different time factions who are fighting for the timelines to be anchored in way or another?

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