The Void People

I’d like to announce that a short article I wrote for Sci Fi Ideas has been posted as part of their Alien August competition.  The article profiles the Void People, an alien race who live inside an artificial black hole.  I feel truly honored to have something I wrote on such a great website.  Please click here to see my article.

If you write Science Fiction, Sci Fi Ideas is the perfect place to find a little inspiration.  They don’t usually publish completed stories but rather brief articles suggesting plot ideas or describing potential settings, characters, or alien races.  Anyone can then come and develop those ideas under a creative commons license.

I don’t go there so much to get ideas for my stories but to help keep my mind open to the many possibilities Science Fiction can offer.  Science Fiction relies on strange, unconventional ideas.  Often, the stranger and more unconventional the idea, the better the story will be.  We need websites like Sci Fi Ideas to keep us from rehashing plots from Star Trek over and over again and to keep us thinking about all the weird, crazy things that can happen in this universe.

So I hope you’ll go check out my article on the Void People, and be sure to bookmark or subscribe to Sci Fi Ideas.  They’ve got a lot of cool stuff, so it’s worth wasting a few hours browsing through their posts.  Maybe you’ll find an idea or two for your next science fiction adventure.

P.S.: I’d like to call special attention to “The Planet Brokers” by Dan Palacios.  It’s one of the rare completed stories published on Sci Fi Ideas.  I read it only a few days ago, and it’s the best Science Fiction story I’ve encountered in a long, long time.  It’s about the day we sold the planet Venus to alien prospectors.  Click here to start reading “The Planet Brokers.”

Life on Mars

NASA scientists recently announced that life on Mars is possible.  At the very least, they’ve determined it’s not impossible.  We’re still a long way from finding actual Martian life, either in bacterial form or as some kind of prehistoric fossil, but this is a big step forward in Mars research.

Four View of Mars In Northern Summer


I happen to believe that anywhere in the universe that life can develop it inevitably will.  I don’t have much scientific evidence to back that up, other than the extremophile species here on Earth and the mold that keeps spontaneously evolving in my fridge.  But that’s okay.  I’m not a scientist.  I’m a science fiction writer.

The story I’m currently writing is about an ancient civilization on Mars.  This being the Tomorrow News Network series, you can bet something disastrous is about to happen to that ancient civilization.

And for the record, if NASA had announced that they’d proven life on Mars was impossible, I’d be writing this story anyway.  A good motto for any science fiction writer is, “Never let science get in the way of a good story.”

Fear of Humans

It’s only natural to assume aliens are bad guys.  When the Hykonians discovered Earth, they’d never encountered creatures so frightening as its ugly inhabitants.  Though the Earthlings were savages, their rapid advancement suggested intelligence equal to or greater than that of Hykonians.  Located within fifty light-years of the Hykonian home world, Earth posed a serious threat.

The Hykonian Technocracy, the council of scientists who ruled over all of Hykonian space, sent survey ship after survey ship to study Earth.  They watched from a safe distance, occasionally collecting specimens for closer examination, and observed both human violence and human compassion.  Their research reports warned that Earthlings were unpredictable.

But the most alarming news came when the Hykonians developed chronotheory, the science of time travel.  Hykonian chronotheorists found signals broadcast backwards through time by an organization called the Tomorrow News Network.  Through these broadcasts, they learned of the mighty Earth Empire, which would one day spread across the stars and wage war against the Hykonians for thousands of years.

Still, the Technocracy would not act.  According to the chronotheorists, any attempt to change the future might cause the very war they wanted to prevent.  So they continued to send survey ships and continued to study.  They watched the humans grow stronger and smarter until one day in the Earth year 1947 there was an accident.  A Hykonian survey ship crashed near a village called Roswell.

The events which followed, as depicted in “99 White Balloons,” would teach Earthlings to fear and distrust the Hykonians as much as the Hykonians feared and distrusted them.