Sneak Peak at the New Cover Art!

In 2012, I wrote ten Tomorrow News Network stories, nearly one per month.  I’d hoped to do the same in 2013, but life got in the way.  At this point, in mid-November, it should be clear that I’m not going to be able to finish the next five stories by December 31st.  So those will have to wait until 2014.

But I do have some good news.  My plans to re-release the 2012 stories as an ebook are now back on track.  They’ll soon be available on Amazon Kindle, both as individual stories and as an anthology.  Shortly thereafter, there will also be a version of the anthology in print thanks to Amazon’s Create Space service.

I don’t have any release dates yet, but they’re coming soon.  Today, I can offer you a sneak peak at the cover art for the anthology.  Obviously I still have to add the title and my name, and I might tweak a few small details before I send it off to Amazon, but basically here’s it is!  Please let me know what you think!

Live from the Newsroom

As the anthology comes together, I’ll have more updates for you, so please remember to follow this blog.  In the meantime, the stories are still available for free here on the Tomorrow News Network website.

Lumpy the Dinosaur

I’d like you to meet Lumpy the Dinosaur.  He’s made of animation clay, a kind of clay that never gets hard.  His arms, legs, head, and tail can all be repositioned.  Lumpy posed for the three dinosaurs in the illustration for “Dinosaurs vs. Astronauts.”

I’ve been drawing dinosaurs since I was a little kid, but for this illustration I had to visualize them at angles I wasn’t used to.  Creating a 3D model of a dinosaur makes the job much easier.  It’s an extra step to help the final illustration look as realistic as possible.

My favorite artist, James Gurney, calls models like Lumpy “macquettes.”  Pretty much everything I know about illustration I learned from Mr. Gurney.  He wrote a book called Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist, which I use as a reference along with one of his other books, Color and Light.  He also has a blog called Gurney Journey, which I recommend for anyone interested in art, and a few years ago I was lucky enough to attend one of his seminars.  I learned more from him in a one-hour seminar than I did from years of regular art classes.

Click here to see the finished illustration for “Dinosaurs vs. Astronauts.”  You might enjoy reading the story too… it’s got dinosaurs fighting astronauts!  Click here to check out James Gurney’s blog.