New Story: Einstein’s Clone

When Albert Einstein died, his doctors removed his brain, hoping to figure out what made him such a genius.  3,000 years later, scientists working for the Earth Empire have extracted Einstein’s genetic material from a sample of preserved brain tissue.  Now eleven-year-old “Albert” is the Empire’s secret weapon in its conquest of the galaxy.  They’ve set him to work developing new weapons and military tactics, bending the laws of physics to achieve victory on the battlefield.  Warfare in space will never be the same.

The only problem: little Albert doesn’t know what his “math homework” is really being used for.  History says the original Einstein didn’t approve of war.  If he ever learned the truth, the new Einstein probably wouldn’t approve either.

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New Story: The Flood of Atlantis

Wherever Talie Tappler goes, death and destruction are sure to follow, so when she turns up on Earth circa 4000 BC, the people of Atlantis know there’s going to be trouble.  Now two Atlantians, a temple priest and a high class prostitute, have only a short time to save their civilization from certain doom.  Click here to start reading “The Flood of Atlantis.”

New Story: Children of the Swarm

2.3 Children of the SwarmIn the 30th Century, history changed.  An army of microscopic robots survived extinction; now they’re sweeping through the galaxy unchecked.  They’ve destroyed thousands of worlds, they’ve taken countless lives, and they’re evolving.  They’ve sampled the human brain, studied it, and modified their neural network, making them smarter and more imaginative.  Their military strategies have become more innovative… and more effective.  Earth’s space fleet is barely holding on as colony after colony falls to the Swarm.

But now history is changing again.  The Swarm says they’ve realized the evil of their ways, and they wish to repent for their sins.  They’re asking for humanity’s forgiveness.  Should the humans forgive the Swarm for all they’ve done, or is this another of the Swarm’s innovative tricks?

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New Story: “Mother Mars”

“Mother Mars,” the latest Tomorrow News Network story, is finally complete.  It takes place on ancient Mars, a planet with purple oceans, phosphorescent jungles, and a rich and prosperous civilization.  Click here to find out what happened to them.

I want to send a special thank you to Stephanie Sykora, my scientific adviser for this story.  She’s a geologist and adventurer and all around awesome person.  Click here to check out her blog, “Exploring the Earth.”

New Story: Who Invented Time Travel?

2.1 Who Invented Time Travel?

After the grueling experience of writing ten short stories last year, I have to wonder why I’m doing this again.  It’s probably for this moment, when the latest story is done and I get to post it for you to read and (hopefully) enjoy.

The first story of 2013 delves into the eternal question: who invented time travel?  Talie Tappler, the Tomorrow News Network’s top reporter, comes to a college campus in the early 21st Century to find the answer.

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The Wrong Future

As promised, the final story of this year’s Tomorrow News Network series is here!  I want to thank my beta readers, Jen Dilliard, April Chunko, Lee Jenkins, David Biggs, and Jim Fogarty for all their help and advice with this one.  I also want to thank all my readers for joining me on this adventure.  It’s been a hell of a year, and I hope you’ll join me again for next year’s series.

In the final story, entitled “The Wrong Future,” we meet the Tomorrow News Network’s competition.  If the Tomorrow News Network is like CNN, think of these guys as Fox News.

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New Story: A Stranger Comes to Town

Leo Tolstoy once said, “All great literature is one of two stories: a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.”  In the latest edition of Tomorrow News Network, we have a story that is a little of both.

Charlotte is a young girl who wants to be a journalist when she grows up.  Unfortunately, she lives in a small town in the Wild West of the 19th Century, a place and time when women didn’t have so many career opportunities.  All that changes when a stranger comes to town, a woman from the future named Talie Tappler.  Charlotte will then have to go on a journey to find out the truth about the town she lives in.  It’ll be the biggest news story of her life.

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P.S.: In case you were wondering, this story was meant to be published in September (sorry for the delay–some family stuff happened).  October’s story (the final story of this year) will still come out in October, probably sometime around the 25th.

New Story: Mr. Cognis Goes on Vacation

Mr. Cognis may be a cyborg and he may not have any emotions (except the ones he downloads), but he is also one of the Tomorrow News Network’s hardest working employees.  He deserves a vacation.

Cognis and his cyborg girlfriend have chosen to travel to the planet Bliss, a popular vacation resort in the Triangulum Galaxy.  Unfortunately, Bliss has a dangerous secret… a secret which could threaten the entire universe.

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