Meet the News Team: Ms. Macnera

Time travel is an inherently illogical activity, which is why so few cyborgs participate in it.  Ms. Macnera, however, is an atypical cyborg.  Like her colleague, Mr. Cognis, she became addicted to emotions early in her maturation process, leading to her exile from the cyborg community.  Unlike Cognis, she left willingly.

Macnera belongs to model number KT-801-E, one of the most advanced cyborg types ever produced, yet she never believed in her superiority.  Other life forms, no matter how primitive, fascinated her.  Her mechanically augmented senses only made her more aware of their fascinating details.  She soon concluded that all living creatures had greatness in their own ways.

When her fellow cyborgs exiled her, Macnera found work with the Tomorrow News Network.  She calculated with 96% probability that she would love the job; her calculations proved accurate.  As a Tomorrow News Network camerawoman, she has the opportunity to meet fascinating creatures all over the space-time continuum.

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