Meet the News Team: Mr. Cognis

Homo machinae: a species of human which separated from Homo sapiens in the late 43rd Century.  They are commonly known as cyborgs, but evolutionary differences run deeper than the simple addition of mechanical body parts.  The Homo machinae brain, though biological, operates more like a computer.

Mr. Cognis is a Homo machinae, but early in life he became addicted to emotions.  As his addiction grew stronger, his emotions seeped into wireless networks and contaminated other cyborgs.  His people had no choice; they sent him into exile.

Cognis now works for the Tomorrow News Network, where his artificial eye has helped him become an excellent cameraman.  He continues to experiment with emotions, downloading them directly into his brain, all except homesickness.  That one hurts too much.

2 thoughts on “Meet the News Team: Mr. Cognis

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