Alpha Centauri Has a Planet!

As you may have heard by now, scientists have discovered a planet in the Alpha Centauri star system.  I wrote a brief update on it for my old blog, Planet Pailly (click here).  But this is the Tomorrow News Network.  This website is all about news from the future.  So here are some future discoveries in the Alpha Centauri star system.

Soon, scientists will find that Alpha Centauri has many planets.  Because Alpha Centauri is a binary star (in fact, it’s a trinary star if you include Proxima Centauri), the orbits of its many planets will be a bit more complicated than those in our own Solar System.  Some will orbit Alpha Centauri A.  Some will orbit Alpha Centauri B (like the one we just discovered).  A few cold, icy worlds will have wide orbits around them both, and even the tiny dwarf star of Proxima Centauri will have a few planets of its own.  In total, the Alpha Centauri System will have more planets than our own Solar System.

At least one planet (or possibly a moon) will be capable of supporting life.  We know this because one day we’ll send colonists there.  We’ve seen way too many Science Fiction stories set in Alpha Centauri to believe otherwise.  In fact, given that Alpha Centauri has three stars, the odds of finding a habitable planet should be three times better than finding a one in this Solar System.

Of course, the first human colony in Alpha Centauri will be a paradise… that is until the colonists discover the evil, alien intelligence which has lain dormant there for millions of years.

These are my predictions for future discoveries in Alpha Centauri.  What do you think we’ll find out there?