If You Love Robots…

If you love robots (and if you’re one of my regular readers, you probably do) then I have some news you can get excited about.  Last week, Curiosity, the largest robot ever sent to another planet, successfully landed on Mars.  Its mission is to search for any evidence that Mars currently or ever did support life.  Of course, you probably already knew that, but did you know you can follow Curiosity on Twitter?  Not sure if it will follow you back, though.  (Click here.)

But the Mars rover is a long way away.  You’ll probably never get to see it in person.  You definitely will never get to ride it.  The good news is there’s a really cool project going on in Massachusetts.  They’re building a giant, spider-like robot named Stompy, and if you donate money to the project they’ll let you ride it when its finished.  If you donate a lot of money, they’ll even let you drive it.  (Click here.)

Of course Tomorrow News Network fans already know about “The Opera of Machines.”  For those of you who haven’t read it, it’s got robots.  Even more exciting, it’s got cyborgs.  Click here to start reading it, and if you have any other cool robot news to share please leave a comment.