Meet the News Team: Talie Tappler

The Encyclopedia Galactica lists Talie Tappler as a professional time traveler, but where others would make time travel a profession she makes it an art form.  Using only a battered, old pocket watch, she can go to any point in space or time.  Her knowledge of chronotheory, the science of time travel, is absolute, almost instinctive.

No one knows where she was born or when, but during her childhood and adolescence she wandered aimlessly through history and beyond the confines of the known universe.  Some say she learned all of God’s secrets.  Some say she could have become a goddess herself.

For reasons that are a mystery to everyone but her, Talie decided to become a journalist instead.  In her career with the Tomorrow News Network, she’s earned a reputation as the greatest reporter in all of time and space.  She’s covered the biggest stories of every era, from the deaths of galactic leaders to the destruction of planets and entire star systems.

She knows everyone’s future.  She even knows her own, and that’s the one thing that scares her.  She also knows better than anyone else that some things must never, ever change.

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